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The current Neighborhood of the Month is:
Harlem, Manhattan
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The NYCwiki Neighborhoods Project is a pilot project to build up viable wiki content on specific aspects of life in at least 10 New York City neighborhoods (2 for each of the Five Boroughs), and as a starting point importing articles from Wikipedia and adapting and expanding them to NYCwiki neighborhood standards.

See the full list of NYCwiki Neighborhoods

This is an extension of the dotNeighborhoods effort, and some initial effort was developed at the Wikineighborhoods page on Wikiversity, a Wikimedia project.

For each neighborhood, we will aim to create a main neighborhood (directory) page, as well as subject-specific articles covering the (1) culture, (2) economy, (3) education, (4) environment, and (5) history of each neighborhood.

A primary purpose of this page will be to develop specific guidelines for these types of pages, which will be broadly applicable to covering all of the neighborhoods of New York City.

For the style guide used for the neighborhood project, please see NYCwiki:Style guide.

For the navigation template used for this project, please see Template:Nabe.


Guidelines for pages

Main Neighborhood Page (Directory)

  • neighborhood description, blogs, listervs, links to community resources


  • culture, community, demographics, festivals, music


  • economy, retail, industry


  • education, schools, colleges, adult education, libraries


  • environment, health, safety, parks, gardening


  • history, historic sites, historical sources

What's A Neighborhood?

As presented here, neighborhoods are those locations where people share space and values. They are not "My-Neighborhoods" which are places individuals spend their lives. But shared spaces.

Neighborhood of the Month collaborations

  1. Jackson Heights, Queens
  2. Harlem, Manhattan (current collaboration)
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