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Maps, GIS, GPS, and other wayfinding mechanisms are fundamental tools for improving the quality of life in our neighborhoods. The NYCwiki Maps Project will create a variety of map resources for identifying places and aspects of life throughout the city's neighborhoods. Here we will initially present wayfinding systems that benefit neighborhood navigation, civic life, and economic development. Possible map content includes everything about the city that has a geographic component. As research identifies effective wayfinding mechanisms, examples and links will be presented.


Map Options

There are several mapping systems that might be immediately available for use in the


CityMap is the official map of the city of New York and provided by the Department of Information Technology & Telecommunications.

CUNY Mapping Services

CUNY Mapping Service is provided by the City University of New York's Graduate Center.

Green Maps

Greenmaps Green Map System and Opengreenmaps is taking our mission of inclusive participation in sustainable community development to the next level with the Open Green Map (OGM)..


OpenPlans efforts: specifically, NYC Streets Map, which we have been given permission to reuse, and NYC free content on StreetWiki (test import of Community Boards).


OpenStreetMap - OpenStreetMap is a free editable map of the whole world. It is a wiki-map made that allows you to view, edit and use geographical data in a collaborative way from anywhere on Earth.

This would potentially be in coordination with NYC OpenStreetMap enthusiasts and local 'mapping party ' events.

Learn more about OpenStreetMap's governance and operation via its wiki.

Which Hood

Whichhood offers an interface that closely matches our needs/goals.


Wikimapia is similar to OpenStreet Maps. See this wikimapia viewof the New York region.

Other Options

See the maps talk page for other ideas.

Location Identifiers

With the arrival of the .nyc TLD the opportunity will arise for giving a name to every "thing" in the city. For example, Inc., on its Internet of Things wiki page, has proposed reserving domain names for the following things.

  1. ambulances
  2. basketball courts
  3. benches
  4. billboards
  5. blocks
  6. buildings
  7. buses
  8. bus routes
  9. bus stops
  10. cars
  11. data­bases
  12. dropcurbs
  13. fire alarm boxes
  14. fire hydrants
  15. fire trucks
  16. lots­
  17. mailboxes
  18. monuments
  19. parking meters
  20. parks
  21. police cars
  22. sewers
  23. sinks
  24. street lights
  25. street signs
  26. streets
  27. taxis­
  28. track
  29. traffic lights
  30. traffic signs
  31. ­toilets
  32. ­trees
  33. utility holes
  34. utility poles
  35. voters
  36. zoos

With the advent of smartphones and a thoughtfully developed Internet of Things, the near-future has geographic guidance provided by a variety of prompts, for example, arrows and audio messages. Location identifiers provide an alternative, and complementary, means of providing wayfinding assistance.

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