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NYCwiki regards Wikipedia content as an ideal starting point for project articles. Despite their high quality, Wikipedia articles do not always initially meet our scope, therefore they must be formatted and developed before permanent usage. This page instructs editors how to import Wikipedia material and associated guidelines to follow throughout the process.



The steps below should be followed when importing material from Wikipedia:

Exporting content from Wikipedia

File:Exporting from Wikipedia (fig. 1).png
Figure 1 (click on the illustration for a larger version).
  1. Browse to the export tool.
    The tool is located on Wikipedia at Special:Export (open the link in a new tab or window).
  2. Enter intended page(s) for export.[1]
    On Special:Export, the large text box for page input is used to indicate which pages you wish to export from Wikipedia (i.e., pages for import into NYCwiki). When a page for export has a space in its title, replace it with an underscore, "_" (e.g., "New York City" in the export form would be "New_York_City").
  3. Ensure that only the first and third options are selected.
    That is, "Include only the current revision, not the full history" and "Save as file". Do not select "Include templates".
  4. Click "Export" and save the output to your computer for later retrieval.

See the example at the right for how a page title should be formatted and which check boxes should be selected.


You can use Template:Wikipedia for attribution.


  1. Do not export a large number of pages at once. Import operations at NYCwiki are "server intensive", or place a large load on the host server (e.g., opening many programs on your local computer at once).
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