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The NYCwiki Speak Up Project is a part of the broader Speak Up New York initiative led by the Manhattan Borough President's Office, with assistance from OpenPlans and civic and Community Board members.

The project on NYCwiki will build an NYC civic toolkit through a series of 'NYC howto's.


Community groups registry (past discussion)

The project will create directories of community groups in different Manhattan neighborhoods with content to include the name, location, category of work, mission statement, contact info, and social features of the different community groups.

Considering the varying areas of focus of local community groups, one ten-part classification might be: Arts, Business, Civil Rights, Cultural, Educational, Green, Health, Poverty, Residential, and Safety.


Short-form summary view

Experimental registry

NYC howto - a civic toolkit

This part of this project will contain information and how-tos on civic engagement, with extensive crowd-sourcing of useful information from diverse references, and deeplinking to hard-to-find pages of government websites.

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