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File:Manhattan3 amk.jpg
Midtown Manhattan with the Empire State Building, Chrysler Building, MetLife Building, and Bank of America Tower under construction visible.

Midtown Manhattan, or simply Midtown, is an area of Manhattan, New York City home to world-famous commercial zones such as Rockefeller Center, Broadway, and Times Square. Midtown Manhattan is home to the city's tallest and most famous buildings such as the Empire State Building and Chrysler Building.

Midtown, along with "Uptown" and "Downtown", is one of the three major subdivisions of Manhattan (though "Uptown" and "Downtown" can also be used as adjectives or adverbs, and can take on completely different meanings in the other boroughs, whereas the term "Midtown" cannot) and can be understood as those parts of Manhattan in neither of these two other regions - that is, all areas between 14th Street and 59th Street, from the Hudson River to the East River, about five square miles or 12 km2. The core of Midtown Manhattan is from about 31st Street to 59th Street between Third and Ninth avenues, about two square miles (this is the area most commonly referred to as "Midtown.") The "Plaza District", a term used by Manhattan real estate professionals to denote the most expensive area of midtown from a commercial real estate perspective, lies between 42nd Street and 59th Street, from Third Avenue to Seventh Avenue, about a square kilometer or half a square mile.

As New York's largest central business district, Midtown Manhattan is indisputably the busiest single commercial district in the United States, and among the most intensely and diversely used pieces of real estate in the world. The great majority of New York City's skyscrapers, including its tallest hotels and apartment towers, lie within Midtown. More than 700,000 commuters work in its offices, hotels, and retail establishments; the area also hosts many tourists, visiting residents, and students. Some areas, especially Times Square and Fifth Avenue, have massive clusters of retail establishments. Sixth Avenue in Midtown holds the headquarters of three of the four major television networks, and is one of a few global centers of news and entertainment. It is also a growing center of finance, second in importance within the United States only to Downtown Manhattan's Financial District. Times Square is also the epicenter of American theater.



File:NYC Top of the Rock Pano.jpg
A panoramic view of the Midtown Manhattan skyline with views of Brooklyn, Lower Manhattan, and Jersey City in the distance.


File:GE Building by David Shankbone.JPG
Rockefeller Center's vicinity contains some of the city's most recognizable landmarks, including the GE Building.
File:Times Square Overview.JPG
Times Square, one of the busiest intersections in the world
File:6th Avenue from 49th.jpg
Skyscrapers line Sixth Avenue, in the heart of midtown
File:NYC diamond district.jpg
The Diamond District

Midtown encompasses many neighborhoods including Hell's Kitchen and Chelsea on the West Side, and Murray Hill, Kips Bay, Turtle Bay, and Gramercy on the East Side. It is also sometimes broken into "Midtown East" and "Midtown West", or north and south as in the New York City Police Department's Midtown North and Midtown South precincts. A simplistic and by no means comprehensive list of the neighborhoods in the Midtown area is as follows:

Midtown also contains historical but defunct neighborhoods, such as the Ladies' Mile, along Fifth Avenue from 14th Street to 23rd Street and the Tenderloin, from 23rd Street to 42nd Street and Fifth Avenue to Seventh Avenue. Template:Further

Other important sights in Midtown:

Important streets and thoroughfares in Midtown:


Corporate headquarters

Midtown Manhattan has the headquarters of several companies, including 4Kids Entertainment,[1] Barnes & Noble,[2] Calvin Klein,[3] Cantor Fitzgerald,[4] CBS Corporation,[5] Colgate-Palmolive,[6] Cushman & Wakefield,[7] DC Comics,[8] Deloitte,[9] Estée Lauder Companies,[10] Foot Locker,[11] Frederator Studios,[12] Hess Corporation,[13] L-3 Communications,[14] Marsh & McLennan Companies,[15] Marvel Entertainment,[16] McGraw-Hill,[17] MetLife,[18] MidOcean Partners,[19] Morgan Stanley,[20] NBC Universal,[21] The New York Times Company,[22] NexCen Brands,[23] Pfizer,[24] Polo Ralph Lauren,[25] Saks Incorporated (Saks Fifth Avenue),[26] The Sharper Image,[27] Simon & Schuster,[5] Six Flags,[28] TBWA Worldwide,[29] Thomson Reuters,[30] Time Warner,[31] Time Warner Cable,[32] and Viacom.[33] The New York Institute of Finance is located in Midtown Manhattan.[34]

Domestic operations

Global Infrastructure Partners has an office in Midtown Manhattan.[35]

Foreign subsidiary operations

Haier operates its United States offices in the Haier Building at 1356 Broadway; the building previously was a building of the Greenwich Savings Bank. Haier held the opening ceremony on March 4, 2002.[36] Sumitomo Corporation operates its New York Office, the headquarters of the corporation's United States operations, at 600 Third Avenue, 10016 in the Murray Hill neighborhood.[37] El Al's North American headquarters are in Midtown.[38] The Air France USA regional headquarters are in Midtown Manhattan.[39][40] In 1994 Alitalia considered moving its USA headquarters from Midtown to Lower Manhattan, but decided to keep the offices where they were at the last minute.[41]

Former economic operations

File:Walter Gropius photo MetLife Building fassade New York USA 2005-10-03.jpg
The MetLife Building, pictured here, is the headquarters of Metlife; it used to be the Pan Am Building and the headquarters of Pan American World Airways

American companies formerly headquartered in Midtown Manhattan include American Airlines,[42][43] American Overseas Airlines,[44] Central Park Media,[45][46] Eastern Airlines,[47] GoodTimes Entertainment,[48] LJN,[49] Pan American World Airways,[50] Philip Morris Companies (now Altria Group),[51][52] Trans Caribbean Airways,[53] and Trans World Airlines.[54][55][56]

Aer Lingus used to have its United States offices in Midtown.[57] In 1997 Aer Lingus announced that it was moving its North American headquarters to Melville, Town of Huntington, New York.[58]

Diplomatic missions

Several countries, Argentina, The Bahamas,[59] People's Republic of China,[60] Costa Rica,[61] Germany,[62] Republic of Ireland,[63] Israel,[64] Jamaica,[65] Japan,[66] Luxembourg,[67] Mexico,[68] Morocco,[69] Saudi Arabia,[70] Singapore,[71] South Africa,[72] United Kingdom,[73] Ukraine,[74] have consulates-general in Midtown Manhattan accredited to the United States. In addition the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office of the Republic of China is in Midtown Manhattan.[75]

Government and infrastructure

The Puerto Rico Federal Affairs Administration operates its New York office on the 22nd floor at 135 West 50th Street.[76][77]

The United States Postal Service operates the James A. Farley Post Office, New York City's main post office, in Midtown Manhattan.[78] The post office stopped 24 hour service beginning on May 9, 2009 due to decreasing mail traffic.[79]


The New York City Department of Education operates public schools in Midtown Manhattan.

The New York Public Library operates the Mid-Manhattan Library at 455 Fifth Avenue at 40th Street.[80] The system also operates the 58th Street Branch Library at 127 East 58th Street, between Park Avenue and Lexington Avenue.[81]

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