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NYU Local is a news blog run by New York University students. Founded in 2008 to cover discussion and NYU news, NYULocal.com receives on average, 10,000 unique visitors each month. NYU Local publishes 10 posts a day Monday through Friday. The blog is run by NYU undergraduates and editorial independent from New York University. In 2008 NYU Local was profiled by PBS.[1]


NYU Local was founded by Cody Brown and Lily Q in 2008.[2]

NYU Local made news in 2009 when it embedded a live blogger into the Take Back NYU! Student Protest.[3] The protest coverage, which spanned for 3 days received links from prominent news websites. [4] [5]Gawker cited NYU Local as the, "Definitive Food Court Occupatory Journalism source."[6] New York Magazine, said NYU Local has done, "an excellent (and really, grueling) job of covering the student protest circus over at NYU."[5].


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