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New York City has hundreds of neighborhoods each with its own story. That story is presented here using the editing and governance techniques as initially developed by the Wikipedia community. As this is not an encyclopedia, modifications to the tools and rules will be necessary, but Wikipedia/MediaWiki is a great starting place.

As we move forward we'll seek to add other features that will assist with creating more livable neighborhoods: resident engagement, visualization, discussion forums, preference, organizing, and collaboration tools, etc.

NYCWiki is a joint effort of Wikimedia New York City, the New York Chapter of the Internet Society, Inc., and the NYC community.

The collaboration grew out of Inc.'s dotNeighborhoods initiative. The broad plan is to test the concept of using wiki technology to provide improved communication in city neighborhoods and, if successful, move the NYCwiki neighborhoods to their parallel domain names within the .nyc TLD. Thus with the activation of the .nyc TLD, perhaps in 2012, the Jackson Heights neighborhood information here on will be ported to; that of Greenwich Village to, Harlem to etc.

Additionally, we will test the use of wiki technology for other .nyc domain name-sets, perhaps streets, monuments, or dictionary names.

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